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Now Serving Award-Winning Coffee at FERA

FERA announces an exclusive new partnership with the highly acclaimed Difference Coffee Company, providing the only coffee that is tried, tested and certified as the most delicious coffee in the world. At FERA, Chef Simon Petutschnig and the team strive to give guests a unique dining experience and Difference Coffee has elevated. Treat yourself to one of Chef Simon’s desserts designed to complement the world’s highest scoring coffee beans, expertly roasted and perfectly grounded by Difference Coffee.

Difference Coffee sources award-winning coffee from legendary estates to deliver some of the rarest and highest graded Arabica coffees in the world. It is no surprise that their coffee is served in over 60 Michelin stared restaurants, 26 luxury hotels and exclusive member clubs. FERA is honored to have been chosen by owner Amir Gehl to be one of the only three restaurants serving Difference Coffee in all of Spain.

Similar to fine wine, Arabica coffee is graded using a 100-point system, created by the Specialty Coffee Association. Only licensed judges, known as Q Graders, can score coffee based on attributes such as flavor, aroma, aftertaste, etc. Difference Coffee offers the finest coffees through its ultimate terroir-led coffee collection: an acclaimed and exclusive line-up which includes Jamaican Blue Mountain, Hawaiian Kona, Panamanian Geisha, and Indonesian Kopi Luwak.

As of January 2020, FERA offers 7 different coffee choices - from Wild Kopi Luwak - the White Truffle of Coffee with an aroma of forest woods and dark cocoa beans, to Panama Geisha, known as the Domaine de la Romanée of coffee.

In the center of Palma, yet hidden down cobbled streets, in a spectacularly restored Old Town palace, is FERA restaurant. Three partners, Ivan and Sheela Levy and Chef Simon Petutschnig, have teamed together to create one of the city's most exciting dining options. The restaurant attracts a continuous flow of locals, global nomads and gourmands who appreciate the distinct culinary vision that Simon brings to his kitchen. Petutschnig takes inspiration from both Mediterranean and Asian flavors to create what he refers to as ‘Borderless Mediterranean’ cuisine.

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