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A Coastal Jewel in Kenya - The Billionaire Resort & Retreat

If you are looking for the "Jewel in the Crown" along the northern Kenyan coastline, look no further than the newly opened Billionaire Resort and Retreat, hugging the coastline of the pristine white beaches and azure waters of the Indian Ocean. Here you will find classic Kenyan culture mixed with refined modernity. This dreamlike retreat and vibrant resort provides an escape into a singular and inspirational experience in a total of 40 rooms. The spa serves as the ultimate magnet for those who wish to truly embark on a journey of transformation and bliss. Guests will find an elegant and worldly environment that fuses the highest standards of service, in a safe and welcoming atmosphere, with the tranquil essence of the East African coast, in a resort like no other.

Stunning local architecture and spacious interiors of the 16 tastefully designed rooms and suites of Lion in the Sun - A Billionaire Retreat, aptly capture the soul of the continent. Here is the perfect place to unwind, soak up the unique vibe, dip into one - or all - of its four saltwater swimming pools. Escape to any corner, all of which capture a spirit rich in character and nature while enveloping yourself in the intoxicating aroma of frangipani.

Billionaire Resort Accommodations

The 24 ultra-lush modern seafront apartments with spacious private terraces are complete with the finest finishing and amenities. Exquisite service, an infinity pool nestled amidst manicured private gardens, stunning beach cabanas with the most spectacular ocean vistas, all form part of the resort. Transport yourself into a magnetic environment where throughout the day and into the night, you feel surrounded by the high energy and vibrant atmosphere which the Billionaire brand is famous for. This is a place where guests can mingle and celebrate life through its signature experience of thrill and entertainment, be part of the most extraordinary experiences.


The Billionaire Grill & Bar is the vibrant soul of the resort. Proudly owning its space on the beach the Grill offers the best Italian and fusion cuisine and a vibrant ambiance that has made the Billionaire Group an undisputed leader in curated gastronomic experiences.

As day turns to night, the magic happens. The evenings at Billionaire Resort & Retreat elevate the dining room to a different level with a sensual ambiance and a carefully selected musical repertoire, crafting the nights into an unforgettable experience.

The Billionaire Resort & Retreat is part of Majestas, the leading curator of luxury dining, entertainment experiences and indulgent living. Founded in Porto Cervo, Italy, in 1998 by F1 legend Flavio Briatore, Majestas has established its position in the elite entertainment and hospitality world with destinations across Europe, the UK, the Middle East and Africa.


The resort borders the Malindi Marine National Park. Grab your masks and fins to snorkel and view the prolific marine life of the park: coral gardens in the lagoons, seagrass beds, turtles and more via a Kaliffa. Made entirely by hand by local craftsmen using typical hardwoods, a Kaliffa is the perfect vessel for navigation inside the coral reef where one can reach unspoiled coves in style and privacy, cruising and swimming in the crystal clear sea. The regal Maasai culture and art are imbued throughout the region with their distinctive customs and dress. Visit local communities for an authentic and immersive experience.

The Tsavo East National Park safari/nature experience is a short drive from Malindi. The sight of dust-red elephant wallowing, rolling and spraying each other with the midnight blue waters of palm-shaded Galana River is one of the most evocative images in Africa. The park forms the largest protected area in Kenya and is home to most of the larger mammals, vast herds of dust –red elephant, Rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard, pods of hippo and the prolific bird life features 500 recorded species.


A short flight from Nairobi, Malindi has remained unchanged over the years keeping its appeal of "fishing village” and offering all the services of a famous tourist destination. Guests will at atmosphere both warm and welcoming in a in entirely safe surroundings. The natural beauty of the coast, the many beaches and bays lined with palm trees, the ideal tropical climate and the magic of the Indian Ocean make it the ideal place for a dream vacation.

The Billionaire Resort & Retreat is located at Marine Road, PO 1056, Post Code 8200, Malindi, Kenya. Visit our website: Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. For reservations, please contact: or Tel: +254 705 437307

Media Contact: For high resolution images and further information, please contact Kathleen Duda or Angela Nigoghossian of KVD Creative Communications, 287 Park Avenue South, New York, New York.

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