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Nicole Mayhew - Artist

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Restaurant Basta Pasta in New York features a revolving series of artists throughout the year. During the month of January pop in to see the work of Nicole Mayhew. Nicole is surrounded by a family of artists and entrepreneurs who have encouraged her from childhood to pursue all forms of art and expression. She has received a degree in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design, where she was described as "sculpting like a painter and painting like a sculptor".

Her primary focus at the moment is oil on board, mainly large in scale, depicting realistic and emotional imagery. As this series unfolded the primary focal point of the pieces became the most distorted.

Perspective lines and under-drawing techniques integrate within the paintings to co-mingle with veins, wrinkles and natural surface elements of the body. In this way, they ask the viewer to spend more time on moments that are less easy to understand. For inquiries to her work, please contact her at

In Hudson,New York, you will also find Nicole at her shop located at 701 Warren Street. She selects unique items from around the globe, finds inspired furniture, lighting and old-world craft and artwork. It's the curated selection that everyone wants for their home.

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