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Vins | An Ephemeral Liquid Collection at DINS Santi Taura

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

VINS is a collaboration creating an ephemeral liquid collection that unites Chef Santi Taura and Sommelier Joan Arboix together with Balearic winemakers to create unique and limited editions from their vineyards. The intention is to make new and different wines every year with new collaborators and vineyards to ensure that each of the limited number of wines are unique, special and can only be found in Santi's restaurant.

VINS Blanc 2020

VINS Blanc 2020 is the result of a collaboration with the winemaker Miquel Gelabert. A short-aged white made from Giró blanc, Viognier and Muscat. A single 500-litre barrel. The wine ferments in a steel tank. Then it goes to a second year French oak barrel (of 500L) where it remains for 7 months before bottling. At the moment, the wine has a clean and bright pale yellow color with greenish hues. Evident aromas of fresh and floral fruits, green apples, some fennel, white flower etc. With a very soft touch of wood. The wine is fresh with a very balanced acidity on the palate, which ensures a fantastic evolution in the bottle for the next few years

Miquel Gelabert

In 1985 Miquel Gelabert founded the winery bearing his name, known as “Vins Miquel Gelabert”. It was created to research and improve the vine growing in order to produce the best quality wine. Miquel combines the art and traditional techniques of the old wine growers with modern technology in order to bring out the best in his grapes and produce wines with personality and a unique character. From the outset, his wines have received a number of Spanish and international awards and recognition both inside and outside Spain and his advice in terms of winemaking is highly sought-after in the wine business.

VINS Negre Jove 2020

VINS Negre Jove 2020 is an experiment created with Pep Rodríguez, maverick maker of natural wines with rare indigenous grape varieties. Pep is from Binissalem where ancestral red varieties have been crowned with the white variety Macabeu. An unrepeatable wine of only 120 bottles.

The two wines can be exclusively enjoyed at DINS Santi Taura at hotel El Llorenç Parc de la Mar. Situated in a historical settlement, a few meters from the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca and close to the sea, you will find Dins Santi Taura winner of two ‘Soles Repsol' and awarded the Michelin star in the 2021 guide.

DINS Santi Taura offers an experience inspired by the island’s traditional cuisine, made with locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Bringing together elements from sea and land to your table, the chef offers seafood from local waters, prized black pork from an island producer and more unique specialties all within a distinct setting.

Traditional Balearic cooking remains the core of the DINS Santi Taura menu in which the chef provides his own interpretation of dishes that have been made for centuries across the islands. Signature dishes include ‘Panada de Peix de roca’, a traditional rock fish pie which many consider to be one of the oldest recipes on the island. ‘Porcella amb Anfós’, another singular dish, brings together both the sea, and the mountains using the finest pork from Can Company, one of the most respected producers of Black Pork and Yellowbelly Grouper on the island.

In 2019, Chef Santi Taura welcomed award winning sommelier Joan Arboix as Beverage Director of Grup Santi Taura and Maitre Sommelier of DINS Santi Taura. Arboix brings a wealth of experience to pair and recommend wines to the guests making him the perfect person to create the VINS wine collaboration.

"I hope that through wines, the guests who visits us at DINS, will discover the island's wine wealth. Approaching our wines is a way to understand our history and culture in the same way that Santi does with his philosophy of roots, history, product, in his cooking," says Joan Arboix.

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