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Chef Eduardo Gutierrez and Patio de Atocha Madrid

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Newly Designed Restaurant and Menu at CoolRooms Hotel Madrid

CoolRooms Palacio de Atocha’s garden pool and its newly redesigned restaurant El Patio de Atocha offers a true place of relaxation, a unique place to enjoy a romantic moment by the pool, a refreshing cocktail or a gourmet dish from Head Chef Eduardo Gutiérrez. You’ll get to enjoy a delicious cuisine made of traditional dishes, with an international touch. Find all of that in a beautiful restaurant bathed in light year-round thanks to a brand-new glass structure, making it enjoyable year round.

The gastronomic menu is composed of delicious and elegant dishes such as the grilled leek with dried tomato romesco sauce and toasted garlic sauce or the Nikkei Torrezno with Lima cause: a crispy piece of pork with delicious Peruvian marinade made of lime. Among the fish, you cannot miss cod fish millefeuille with cod chowder and cod rinds and among the meats, the Iberian beef cheeks with Pedro Ximénez sauce.

"I look for originality in my dishes to surprise my diners. I like to deconstruct dishes that reveal the most authentic flavors of Madrid and give them that 'innovative traveling touch'. Always respecting the local, quality product, the artisan elaboration and looking for poetry in this fusion of flavors and cultures, like the 'Cultures' art collection of Rocio de la Torre's work that is exhibited in our Palace," says Chef Eduardo Gutiérrez showing his artistic sensitivity.

The menu also includes excellent rice dishes as well as the finest desserts, from a creamy cheesecake to a lemon cream, without missing the Brownie with hazelnut praline and the lavender Panna Cotta with red berries and hibiscus powder. A true fusion between flavors and cultures, maintaining the roots of the dishes and products of the Spanish capital.

About Chef Gutierrez: His relationship with cooking began when he was a child, helping his mother in the kitchen. At the age of 16 he was already working in the picnic area of his homeland, Los Navalucillos, Toledo. Although his studies were directed towards engineering, he soon realized that cooking was his passion and he began to take different cookery courses, training courses, internships and to experiment and create. He worked at the Hotel El Coto, where he learned the solid basis of cooking, garnishes, sauces, techniques and elaborations. He worked in the kitchens of Paco Quirós, Joseba Guijarro, Hotel Urban and DiverXo, stopping off in Mexico for a couple of years in between.

CoolRooms Palacio de Atocha, El Patio de Atocha, Calle Atocha, 34, Madrid, 910887780

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