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Celebrate the Midsummer Solstice with Chef Ciaran Sweeney.

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Central to festivities will be fire – signifying the sun, before a bespokely created Midsummer Tasting Menu. The summer solstice has been celebrated for thousands of years. When the sun reaches its highest point in June, it creates the longest day of the year. Pagans traditionally use this time to honor the life-giving sun, but for many of us, it could be a unique chance to connect with nature, on a day that stretches into night with a sun that sets later than at any other time of year.

If you’d like to make the most of this auspicious time of year, consider a trip to modern retreat Breac.House (A member of White Line Hotels), located on the secluded Horn Head Peninsula of County Donegal, Ireland from June 21-24. Its northerly position makes it particularly special as it stays light almost until midnight, before dawn just a few hours later.

In an area known for its outstanding natural beauty, surrounded by wild beaches, a surf-crested sea, mossy forests and the craggy cliffs of the Wild Atlantic Way, the Summer Solstice is celebrated with traditions from Celtic ancestry and beyond.

At headland hideaway Breac.House, step back in time and be enveloped by these ancient customs under a Midsummer sun. Central to festivities will be fire – signifying the sun, before a bespokely created Midsummer Tasting Menu from Donegal native, Ciaran Sweeney, former Head chef at Forest & Marcy, Dublin. He will curate a programme of food experiences to celebrate the ancient festival of Summer Solstice. Cooked on the open fire and served at a communal oak dining table, you'll feast on contemporary food, locally produced, that nod to ancient Celtic customs, paired with cocktails and wine. Fruit and vegetables are sourced from the organic garden.

During the day, take advantage of the many daylight hours to explore Breac.House’s surrounds. A passionate local guide will take you for a heritage walk around the rugged Horn Head or you can wander the organic gardens with horticulturalist Joanne Butler. See the secrets of organic gardening before the chef creates a delicious meal from just-picked produce.

At the end of an invigorating day in the wilds of Donegal, come back to the luxurious comfort of Breac.House. Unwind with a local seaweed bath or head out to the off-grid sauna made from wood, stone and water. Designed for two, this is the spot to let the warmth cocoon you, while gazing at the windswept wilds of remote northwest Ireland. To read the full story and watch a video, just click here

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