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The Art of Sanders

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

A Curated Collection of Artworks for Sanders Hotel

Dais Contemporary has collaborated with Alexander Kølpin of Kolpin Hotels and interior design and architecture studio Lind + Almond to provide a curated collection of artworks for Sanders, a new boutique hotel opening in Copenhagen on November 1, 2017. A former hot spot for the city's cultural cognoscenti in the 1970-80's, Alexander looks forward to continuing that legacy and breathing life into an entirely new era for the hotel.

"Entering Sanders is like stepping into a theatre. The scenography and carefully curated interiors will be the elegant and exquisite backdrop for the guest experience,"

says Alexander Kølpin.

The artworks were sourced and commissioned by Kølpin in collaboration with Dais Contemporary to compliment the historical context and new design scheme. Built in a classical 19th century building in the heart of Copenhagen, and a stone’s throw away from The Royal Danish Theatre, some of the collection connects with Alexander's personal experience as a former ballet dancer: movement, music, dance and the human form. Others highlight Copenhagen’s waterfront context as well as the modernist and expressionist periods of art – two periods synonymous with important works of Danish art and design. The collection brings together the work of emerging artists from a wide range of countries including; America, Britain, Germany and Greece; emphasizing the international outlook of the property.

A group of five artworks are mounted above the bedheads within each of the 52 guestrooms. These works include an exclusive collection of limited edition prints made for the hotel by Mat Chivers, which explore perception, nature and the human body, a series of ethereal photographic waterscape works by Pavlina Ecclesiarhou , a collection of classically inspired still life limited edition prints by Emma Bennett, hand painted nudes by Kirsty Buchanan referencing reclining nudes found in museums and films, and a series of delicate expressionist ink drawings by Elke Sada inspired by pieces of classical music.

The hotel's bar TATA is nicknamed for the rise of the velvet curtain at showtime at The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen. Here you'll find a series of paintings produced by American artist Lily Ludlow. These works explore three archetypes of the biblical character ‘Rebecca,’ envisioning myths of romance, betrayal, and forgiveness through abstract modernist inspired compositions of the female figure. TATA is playful and at times a decadent place where you can tuck into the snug behind the blue velvet curtain for a tête-à-tête or for an intimate rendezvous. The open fireplace is a perfect invitation to cozy up with friends or lovers on winter evenings with classic cocktails made to perfection or simply mingle with the locals, globals and Copenhagen's creatives.

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