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Adding to the Allure at Sanders

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Bespoke Service Wear Created by OLDER Paris.

The renowned Danish ballet dancer, Alexander Kølpin, created Copenhagen’s first luxury boutique hotel - Sanders. The design is inspired by his personal experience and travels bringing a refined aesthetic sensibility and ideology to the property which is deeply rooted in his creative history.

“Entering Sanders is like stepping into a theatre. Guests will always remain center stage, but the scenography and carefully curated interiors will be the elegant and exquisite backdrop for their experience.” – Alexander Kolpin

The staff’s bespoke service wear was fashioned with a touch of theatricality by OLDER Paris. Founders Morten Thuesen and Letizia Caramia have worked together with Alexander to design tailored attire for each team member. They bring their experience and creativity of collaboration with fashion icons such as Alexander McQueen and Isabel Marant to add to the overall theatricality in a subtle but remarkable way. OLDER Paris is a uniform brand focusing on restaurants and hotels. Drawing inspiration from some of the most beautiful iconic Danish furnishings, they have created a new style of service wear that is not only beautiful but practical using earthly colors and soft textures that complement the design of the hotel.

“It is a poetical romantic idea and project,” says Letizia Caramia

Kølpin, together with his father Jes and the London Studio of Lind + Almond have created a compelling design combining the glamorous age of travel and the drama of the theatre which is not only seen throughout the hotel but on the individuals and characters, who look like something extraordinary while wearing their OLDER Paris ensemble.

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