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Step Into the World of Botànic

Updated: Aug 26, 2021


Imagine a Majorcan mariner who built a unique botanic garden with herbs, spices and plants collected from his many voyages and discoveries around the globe. Step into his world at Botànic where guests are offered a discovery of flavors and aromas designed to stimulate the senses. The new restaurant within Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden beckons guests on an exciting new journey.

Restaurant Botànic offers a new plant-forward gastronomy – a healthy food concept with vibrant and seductive flavors in the world of green cuisine. Developed by Babylon Hospitality, guests discover dishes that take their inspiration from around the world in a vegetable forward menu. While elevating plant-based dishes to an entirely new level, the menu reserves a role for both fish and meat options on the menu. Although dishes are globally inspired, KM-0 (kilometer zero) ingredients are used in their creation.

Begin Your Journey - No Passport Required

Chef Andrés Benítez takes inspiration for his dishes and spices from Vietnam, China and Thailand, the Middle East and Mexico, and on to India. "We have created a truly inspired à la carte menu that is perfectly designed for sharing in a tapas or mezze style. These can also be complemented by a number of tasting menus – or journeys," says Benítez.

Botànic introduces a rich variety of flavors and sensations derived from plant based cuisine. Dishes are crafted to be enjoyed with traditional cutlery, chopsticks or fingers - where guests can simply indulge and enjoy.

Botànic offers a choice of three Kurries: Red is Indian style with lamb, marinated in a zumaq and yogurt sauce with basmati rice; Yellow is Thai inspired with coconut milk, carrots, beluga lentils and steamed avocado; or Green is created with fresh herbs, basmati rice with mustard seeds and calamari fried in chickpea flour.

Step Beyond the Garden on the menu to find roasted KM-O (kilometer-Zero) chicken, local crispy black suckling pig, or the catch of the day served with nori seaweed, mixed vegetables chop suey with yakitori sauce and much more.

Special dipping sauces have been created to fine tune meals. Chutney is made with Porreres apricots that are considered the best on the island and where a festival is held every year in their honor. Botànic creates a homemade spicy sauce of Rammalet tomatoes, considered one of the treasures of a Majorcan vegetable garden. Additionally, a traditional Indian Raita sauce is made with local yogurt and all are served as a perfect accompaniment for Middle Eastern inspired breads.

Sweet Pleasures

To end the meal on a sweet note, and indulge without (some) guilt, enjoy pineapple carpaccio with creamy coconut rice and green curry ice cream or maybe you prefer banana glazed with miso toffee, banoffee cream and vanilla ice cream. If cheesecake is your preference, you might choose a matcha tea cake with orange chutney and yuzu. All sweet pleasures are designed to deliver a satisfying end to a perfect meal.

Liquid Pleasure

Botànic also infuses refreshing cocktails and mocktails on the menu to also incorporate plant forward pleasure: Try the Green Mind - freshly squeezed pineapple, matcha water, lemongrass and Thai basil. Lavender Sunset includes Bacardi Carta Blanca, lavender, rosemary, lime and lemon juice, with a splash of orange water. The Botànic Garden cocktail is a mix of Saint Germain Elderflower, freshly squeezed apple juice, cucumber, and lemon juice brought fresh from the orchards in Sóller. The restaurant’s beverage selection is the perfect way to imbibe any time of day and guests can also enjoy a fine selection of wines, cava and champagne.

Grow Botànic

Each Botànic experience allow guests to take home the plant that accompanied them during their meal. Take it home, watch it grow, and send updates via social media tagging both #growbotanic and @BotanicPalma. We hope to not only turn the world a bit greener, but also grow our relationship while creating long lasting memories.

About Botànic

Botànic offers multiple dining options - inside and al fresco - the Library (10 seats) the bar (5 seats) and private garden (40 seats), the Bistro (8 seats), Jumanji and Ghost (10 seats each). The breakfast menu offers Gluten-free options, energy bowls, oats, chia seeds, healthy milkshakes, and all kinds of eggs are served each morning with natural, fresh ingredients, enabling you to start the day in a healthy way. Lunch is served from 13:00 to 16:00 , dinner from 19:00 - 22:30. Enjoy Sunday brunch surrounded by the natural landscape of the garden - reservations are taken from 10.00, 12.00 or 14.00. For reservations, please call +34 971 750 550.

Botànic restaurant is located at Forn de la Glória 14 - 07012 Palma de Mallorca, Baleares, Spain in the heart of Palma, Mallorca and set within Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden. Follow us on Instagram @Botanicpalma

Babylon Hospitality

The Botànic restaurant concept has been created by Babylon Hospitality in conjunction with Chef Andres Benítez. "It is the definitive upscale ‘plant-forwarddining experience that is vibrant, dynamic and bold that is on the leading edge of creating a sophisticated stance in the world of green cuisine", says Dupré, Managing Partner of Babylon Hospitality.

Having travelled a great deal, I’ve seen and experienced some of the best concepts around the world. You have amazing Chinese brands and Japanese brands, Italian, Greek and French, but we realized that there was no fast-paced, dynamic healthy, yet sexy options. Green is simply the new sexy,” says Dupré. “We recognize that there is a cultural shift towards plant-based dining, and we deliver on that transformation through creativity and deliciousness.”

Babylon Hospitality is a disruptive hospitality management consultancy and conceptual development firm that offers innovative hotel management and branding solutions. Botànic has opened on the premises of Can Bordoy Grand Hotel & Garden in Palma, Mallorca, creating a distinct buzz among locals and visitors to the island. The Botànic concept has been crafted for growth and aims to consolidate itself as a top international brand. #Greenisthenewsexy


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