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El Vicenç Opens April 2022 on the Northern Coastline of Mallorca

Opening in April 2022, El Vicenç de la Mar is a new member of The Mallorca Ç Collection and sits on a beautiful bay in Mallorca, on the northern coastline of the island, just 7 km from Pollença on the west side of Cap Formentor in Calla Sant Vicenç. Surrounded by azure waters at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains, guests can seek and experience nature: catch the Mediterranean breeze, walk steps to the beach, hike, or cycle. The ultimate sea escape is an immersion in nature exploration, just steps from the front door. Here you'll find the essential pleasure of Mediterranean life at El Vicenç.

Sitting on a crystal-clear cove, the hotel will offer 35 beautifully appointed guest rooms including four suites and one Penthouse suite. Some rooms and suites offer their own private terraces, a private jacuzzi or their own private swimming pool. The hotel offers multiple categories of rooms ranging from a Penthouse Suite with a large terrace and private pool, Privilege Rooms with a shared swim up pool, Junior Suites with private outdoor hot tubs and Signature Rooms with private terraces to gaze over the dramatic coastline.

Major features at the hotel will include a breathtaking multi-tiered rooftop terrace with a swimming pool, cocktail bar and restaurant where guests can enjoy the sweeping views across Cala Sant Vicenç and the Sierra Tramuntana Mountains, which are a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hotel will be the perfect setting to immerse yourself in an experience that combines relaxation, gastronomy, leisure, and nature. It's the perfect excuse to let yourself be carried away by the essential pleasures of Mediterranean life and its unforgettable corners.

Added features a cozy Mediterranean style library with the possibility of activities like a game of chess, backgammon, or pool. Next to the library guests can access the Çinema with 24 seats, designed with a Mediterranean flavour in a unique style and not the typical “red velvet look” that is so common for a cinema.

In both the Penthouse Suite and the Suite with private pool and sea views, guests can arrange private dinner parties for family and friends with proper service in their suites and on the large terraces for eight and six guests respectively. (Specially selected menus must be pre-arranged).

Dining - Chef Santi Taura

Widely regarded as one of the island’s most talented chefs, Santi Taura has been cooking for nearly 30 years. Two years ago, DINS Santi Taura moved to Palma in El Llorenç Parc de la Mar. He continues to delve into the culinary memory and recipes of the island, focusing on seasonal products at their peak. The recently awarded Michelin Star is a confirmation of the culmination of his work and passion. Santi will also put his fingerprint on the menu and dining options at El Vicenç. Two restaurants with different menus will combine the most natural Majorcan and Mediterranean cuisines.

El Vicenç will share a similar dining concept as sister hotel El Llorenç. The hotel will offer two main options both managed by Santi Taura. Dins El Vicenç is located on the rooftop of the hotel where approximately 40 guests can enjoy a unique experience surrounded by wonderful landscapes of the region. The restaurant also offers an indoor setting for rainy days or the colder months. A Mediterranean bistró, will be located on the ground floor next to the main entrance offering a variety of rice dishes, grilled meats and fresh fish and salads.

Ç Wellness Studio

When it’s time to restore and refresh, guests will find a haven of tranquility where they can indulge in beauty enhancing and body revitalizing treatments from Natura Bissé. The spa is located on the ground floor, partially under a large patio that holds a skylight giving the space the perfect amount of daylight. Ç Wellness Studio will feature an 18-meter-long pool that connects the indoor and outdoor area of the spa. The gym is open 24 hours and is equipped with the latest fitness technology.

"The concept is to replicate the same 5-star boutique hotel service and quality that travelers have grown to love at El Llorençin a luxurious beach setting, says Ruben Zamora, General Director, Mallorca Ç Collection. "The beauty of the location is that guests can enjoy any number of activities in the area, no matter the season."

Activities in the Region

Originally a small fishing village the town is built on a hillside, so the area is perfect for vigorous walks and spectacular hiking trails. Cap Formentor is one of most popular and picturesque cycling routes where you follow a very winding road that brings you to the lighthouse. This route is considered by many as a 'must do' if you are a serious cycler and professional cyclists consider Mallorca the best place to train in the winter.

Additionally, snorkeling and scuba diving are particularly popular. Divers will find the remains of sunken ships from all eras - from the ancient Greeks to the 20th century. The area also boasts some extraordinary caves or hypogeum that date back to Bronze age and it is said that they are the most spectacular on the island. Mountain climbing has become very popular as well in the region. Bird lovers will enjoy the amazing variety as this is also an important migration stop for them.

History of the Region

During the 50s and 60s, Cala Sant Vicenç had a golden age - its incredible beaches and secret coves moved thousands of tourists from all over the world. In those decades it was when people began to travel for pleasure and leisure to Spain, especially to the Balearic Islands due to its great beauty. Cala Sant Vicenç was the location for some of the most luxurious hotels in that time, since it has four coves with a lot of charm and crystal-clear waters that are found in few places. The “Cala”, so called by the locals of Pollença, was visited by artists, Hollywood, actors and actresses, politicians and royalty, wanted to know the hidden mysterious beauty of this unique place. As trends change, it lost its appeal, but it never lost its beauty. In recent years we have seen a resurgence in interest in one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca. The owners of this project are residents of Pollença and the most important concept of this amazing project is the personal tribute to this jewel of Majorca and a return to the value that Cala San Vicenç deserves.

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